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Pin type insulator construction

Pin type insulator construction depends on tis raw material. Composite pin insulators consist of silicon rubber, fiberglass, and metal, while porcelain pin type insulator made of porcelain.

composite Pin type insulator              porcelain Pin type insulator

Composite pin type insulator construction:
It consists of FRP core, sheds and end fittings. In order to achieve antifouling properties, the size of two can adjacent insulators sheds are not the same.
The sheds are made from the characteristic to repel water of polymer material.
The end fitting connection adopts the zinc cover protection.
The core made up of fiber glass rod is the insulating part of the insulator.

Porcelain pin type insulator construction:
The insulator body of the unit is made from high quality aluminum oxide porcelain, either C-130 (IEC 60672) or C-120 as per customer's request
Single porcelain body or multi-piece porcelain
Glaze color: Brown or grey
Silicone coating of insulators as per customer specification

Orient Power holds expertise in our clients a superior quality range of insulator. Advanced manufacturing technology, strict quality control, excellent long-term performance evaluation and reasonable pin type insulator construction guarantee the quality of pin type insulators.


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