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Pin type insulators

Orient manufactures three classes of pin type insulators: Low voltage pin types (ANSI Class 55-2 through Class 55-6), high voltage pin types (ANSI Class 56-1 through 56-4) and Special Designs Pin Types.

Low voltage porcelain pin insulators are manufactured and tested to the requirements of ANSI Standard C29.5, high voltage pin types to ANSI Standard C29.6, and special designs for use in areas of high contamination.

Pin type insulator               Pin type insulators

Low Voltage Pin Types (ANSI Class 55-2 through Class 55-6): These pin type insulators are all single piece designs with porcelain threads, a design which years of field experience has proven to be the best.
High Voltage Pin Types (ANSI Class 56-1 through 56-4): These insulators are single piece designs with porcelain threads through Class 56-3.
High Leakage and Fog Bowl Pin Types (Special Designs): These pin type insulators have been designed by Orient to meet specific customer application needs in areas of extreme service conditions due to contamination. Fog Bowl designs offer high protected leakage areas.

While no ANSI Standards exist for these Special Design products Orient manufactures and tests each of these pin type insulators to meet the general requirements of ANSI Standards C29.1 and C29.5 to ensure quality and a lifetime of trouble free service. Due to the unusual service conditions that these insulators experience, typical application voltages are not given. The factory should be consulted to determine the appropriate insulator for use in a given application.

All Orient porcelain Pin Type insulator products are RUS accepted where a specific RUS classification exists. All pin type insulators are designed with standard neck dimensions so that pre formed (wrap lock) ties may be used.


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