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Pin type porcelain insulator

Orient Power specializes in manufacturing of Pin type porcelain insulator for application upto 33 kV Voltage ratings. Orient Power is one of the most trusted Insulator manufacturer & supplier in China.

Pin type porcelain insulator           Pin type porcelain insulator


The design requirement of Pin type porcelain insulators
◆ Smooth rounded contours of shell provide protection against chipping
◆ Caps are made of malleable cast irons and pins of forged steel
◆ These are galvanized to provide better protection against corrosion
◆ Insulators having alternative electro-mechanical ratings, spacings or leakage distances to suit environmental conditions
◆ The glaze applied is compressive in nature, adds to mechanical strength and provides smooth surface for self-cleaning under contamination
◆ Standard glaze colour is brown, grey or white

We can also produce pin type porcelain insulator in accordance with ANSI, BS, IEC and AS standards or clients’ requirements.

Except pin type porcelain insulator, we also manufacture composite pin insulators, welcome to visit Orient Power factory.


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