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Pole line hardware

Pole line hardware plays an important role in the power transmission and distribution line.

Pole line hardware

Orient power pole line hardware, where applicable, is made from steel produced in accordance with ASTM. Where galvanized, items are galvanized in accordance with ASTM.

Types of Pole line hardware:
1. Adapter, thimble: Used to change 1 inch pin insulator thread 13/8 inch pin insulator thread.
2. Arms, cable extension: for suspending cables at a distance from the pole.
3. Bands, pole , accessories
4. Bayonets, ground wire: For supporting overhead ground wire on wood or steel poles
5. Bolts, carriage: Carriage bolts have square nuts, finished points and rolled threads
6. Bolts, clevis: For supporting crossarm suspension insulator strings.
7. Bolts, double-arming full thread: bolts permit replacement ease in double arms and odder added flexibility of use.
8. Bolts, machine: Are also called crossarm bolts or through bolts.
9. Bolts, ovaleye
10. Bolts, screw eye
11. Pins
12. Pin , insulator pole top


Pole line hardware is also made from the forged steel and ductile iron to provide high mechanical strength.


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