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Polluted performance for insulator string

 Insulator is one of the most important components in transmission and distribution power system, it carry electrical energy and isolates it from earth, Disc suspension insulator is one of the common type, it can work on different voltage levels, but the performance of suspension insulator is always influenced by pollution.

Polluted performance for insulator string

High voltage insulators are exposed to various climates. In some condition, the environmental conditions and pollution degree have a strong influence on insulator performance and affect the reliability of network. Climates also play an significant rule in pollution procedure and resulted electrical breakage
Pollution deposition on insulation
Pollution distribution on insulator’s surface
Durability of pollution condition
Pollution dispersion amount from resource

Suspension insulators are very popular due to their less expensive price, flexibility to work in various voltage levels and low maintenance cost. Insulator string can be applied in various voltage levels by changing insulators units, insulator string applied in many voltage levels, since it can change insulators units, but pollution can reduce electrical strength of insulators, so how to reduce the influence of insulator is very important to the insulation fields.

The pollution problem can be controlled by special design of insulator.
Change units dimension in insulator string, use two units with different dimensions to increase capacitance ratio. This ratio can be increased by changing the insulator units’ dimension. There are many advantages for it.

First advantage of this proposed combination can be increasing in falling distance of rain by comparing two arrows,Second advantage is controlling capacitance ratio of string


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