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Polymer Housed Surge Arresters

Polymer Housed Surge Arresters are usually use on systems up to 69KV (72.5kv max).

Polymer Housed Surge Arresters

PVI-LP polymer housed surge arresters are particularly suited for light-to-moderate duty applications where light weight and compact profile are of particular importance. Their narrow profile allows smaller phase-to-ground clearances and phase-to-phase spacings than other arresters, making them particularly well-suited for installations where space is at a premium, such as cabinets or other electrical enclosures and on mobile substations.

Construction for PVI-LP polymer housed surge arrester:
:Wrap” design, using fiberglass reinforced epoxy stranding to form a wrapped envelope directly over the MOV blocks
ESP rubber housing applied over wrapped MOV module
Silicone compound interface between module and housing to render a void-free assembly
Tripod base
At –a –Glance:
Less than half the weight of a comparably rated porcelain-housed arrester
Narrow profile for reduced clearance to ground and between phases
Install straight from the package-no field assembly required

Polymer Housed Surge Arresters-EVP, station class
EVP arresters, have a robust sealing system to reduce moisture ingress to an unprecedented minimum. And also feature a redesigned housing profile for maximum material utilization , and even make ordering easier by using an intelligent numbering system.


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