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Polymer Pin insulator testing

Both Power arc test and tracking and erosion test are important of pin insulator testing. Polymer Pin insulator testing should be done in accordance with pin insulator specification or other standards.

Polymer Pin insulator testing

insulator testing

How to do power arc test?
Power Arc Test - Three polymer pin insulators having any one design of end fittings shall be tested for power are endurance while tensioned horizontally at 3000 lb. An arc shall be initiated across the insulator by means of a copper shorting fuse wire. The arc shall burn 15 to 30 cycles and its current magnitude is determined by ampere-time product equal to a minimum of 150 kA cycles. Each insulator is only acceptable if there is no exposure of the core, no mechanical separation of the insulator, and no cracks in the housing.

The meaning of tracking and erosion test
Tracking and Erosion Test - The long -term performance of a polymer material used in electrical insulation design is directly related to the leakage current and the dry-band discharges that develop in service. Service experience has shown that the amplitude and frequency of dry-band discharges on electrical insulation are not dependent on design alone but also dependent on the surface properties of the polymer material used.


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