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Polymer composite pin insulator

Polymer composite pin insulator is made from silicone rubber consisting of silicone rubber shed, housing, FRP core and end fittings, also called silicone rubber insulator.

Polymer composite pin insulator

Polymer composite pin insulator

The properties of Polymer composite pin insulator
◆ Weathersheds - The plain alternative weathershed of polymer composite insulator design offers high specific creepage distance and good self-cleaning properties which usually provides best performance.
◆ End fittings - End fittings for polymer pin insulators need sufficient gripping force to achieve the required tensile strength without damaging the rod.

About the materials of polymer composite pin insulators
Silicone rubber insulation possesses unique properties for composite insulator. It is the fastest growing, and most dominant polymeric insulation material for high voltage products. Pin insulator can be made from porcelain, glass, polymer or polymeric, also called porcelain suspension insulator, glass suspension insulator and so on.

About Orient Power
Cutting edge technology is present in the Orient composite pin insulator process including the monitoring of crimping under compression of the end fitting on the fiberglass rod. The latest evolution of more than 20 year development of acoustic monitoring technique is fully integrated to our process, removing the unknown of non-visible damage in the rod under the metal end fitting. This is one more major contribution to the dependability of the Orient Composite pin insulators.


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