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Polymer insulator tests

Polymer insulator tests can be divided into design tests (material tests, mechanical tests), type tests, sample tests and routine tests, and they also include many detailed tests.

Polymer insulator tests              Polymer insulator tests

Polymer insulator Design tests shall include the following tests:
Material Tests
1) Water Penetration Test
2) Tracking and Erosion Test
3) Aging or Accelerated Weathering Test
4) Dry Penetration Test
5) Water Diffusion Test
6) Power Arc Test
7) Flammability Test
Mechanical Tests
1) Tension Strength Tests
2) Torsion Strength Test
3) Working Cantilever Load
4) Thermal Mechanical Test

The following polymer insulator tests are recommended for this type of testing:
1) Low-Frequency Dry Flashover Test
2) Low-Frequency Wet Flashover Test
3) Critical Impulse Flashover Test
4) Radio Influence Test

Sample shall include the following tests:
1) Galvanizing Test
2) Tension Strength Test
3) Dye Penetration Test
4) Retest Procedure
5) Verification of Dimensions, Markings, and Metal Fittings

Routine Tests include tensile load (50% of S.M.L.) and visual examination tests.


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