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Polymer insulator

Polymer insulator, which has been specially formulated to provide optimum weathering and electrical properties for all operating conditions and can be divided into composite pin type insulators, line post insulators and so on.

Polymer insulator             polymer pin insulator

The shed of polymer insulator
The sheds are manufactured using high-pressure injection molding techniques to create a smooth surface reducing the amount of pollution trap. Edge of the mandrel and sheds, both ends of the sheath and insulation mandrel cooperating fittings, the mandrel from the ethylene-propylene rubber insulation material and the socket. For example, polymer pin insulator consists of silicone rubber shed, housing, FRP rod and end fittings.

The standard of polymer insulator
The IEC, an international standards organization, has tested this kind of composite insulators for electrical and mechanical performance and has confirmed their reliability, but the use of organic material as the insulating material has aroused reservations about long-term adding.

Orient Power composite pin insulator has high quality and good performance.


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