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Polymer insulators manufacturers in Hyderabad

Polymer insulators manufacturers in Hyderabad supply most of composite insulator types. Polymer insulator is composed by insulating part, fittings and fibre glass core.

composite pin type insulators

Polymer insulators made by Polymer insulators manufacturers in Hyderabad:
Composite pin type insulator for 6KV~36KV distribution line applications
Composite suspension & tension insulators for 10KV~1000KV high voltage transmission and distribution line applications
Composite long rod insulators for LV & MV & HV power system
Composite deadend insulators for 10KV~69KV overhead line of electrical power system
Composite crossarm insulators for 15KV ~ 132KV overhead lines of urban power network reconstruction, narrow corridors for boost power transmission and narrow streets
Composite line post insulators for 10KV~132KV high voltage overhead lines
Composite hollow bushing insulators for electrical apparatus
Composite station post insulators used on substation and power plants
Composite guy strain insulators for stay wire
Composite insulators suspension type & post type for electrified railway applications

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