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Polymeric outdoor insulators

Polymeric outdoor insulators are increasingly being accepted by the traditionally cautious electric utilities worldwide. They currently represent about 70% of installed new high voltage insulators in world, such as polymeric pin insulators gradually instead of traditional insulator.

Polymeric outdoor insulator

The tremendous growth in the applications of Polymeric outdoor insulators is due to their advantages over the traditional ceramic and glass insulators.

However, because polymeric insulators are relatively new the expected lifetime is not known and is of critical interest to the users. We should understand the recent performance experience of high voltage polymeric insulators
◆ In outdoor service, polymer pin insulator, suspension insulator, line post insulator and so on.
◆ Testing methods, sample test, routine insulator etc.
◆ The ranking of the materials, high quality or low quality
◆ The `role' of the fillers, the proportion of one insulator
◆ The role of the low molecular weight components present in the most widely used insulator types
◆ The mechanisms responsible for the loss and recovery of one of the most important properties of polymers (the hydrophobicity)
◆ Various methods to optimize the electrical performance
◆ And a relatively new method for evaluating polymeric systems in the field

Polymeric outdoor insulators can be used on transmission and distribution lines with high voltage and high performance. For example, composite pin insulator can be used on distribution power lines


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