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Polymeric pin insulators

As one of the leading insulator manufacturers in China with major activities in the field of latest technology Polymeric pin Insulators upto 36KV is used for high voltage power lines.

Polymeric pin insulators

Polymeric pin insulators

The Polymeric pin Insulators as produced by us comply with various National/International technical specifications laid world wide over in the related field. We combined the technology of this high Performing Polymer material with high mechanical strength fiberglass reinforces rod and metal end fittings to produce a high quality and suitable price Polymeric pin insulator for various end applications.

The advantages of polymeric pin insulators
◆ Light Weight
◆ Nil Leakage current. Excellent field performance against porcelain insulators
◆ Impact and vandal resistant
◆ High Pollution resistance
◆ UV Resistance and Track Resistance
◆ A wide range of substrates and end fitting

Polymeric pin insulators are made from materials used on distribution lines with high performance, porcelain pin insulator cannot replace.


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