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Porcelain insulator cutouts

 Porcelain insulator cutouts can be used for distribution and transmission systems for protecting the line circuit, made from high aluminum porcelain material.

Porcelain insulator cutouts

The features of Porcelain insulator cutouts
◆ Is one of protection equipment
◆ Widely used in high voltage and low voltage distribution systems and electrical equipment
◆ As a short-circuit and over-current protection
◆ Made from porcelain

The application of Porcelain insulator cutouts
◆ Widely used in power systems
◆ Kinds of electrical equipment
◆ Household appliances as a protection device

The types of Porcelain insulator cutouts
◆ Plug-in fuse
◆ Screw type fuse
◆ Enclosed Fuses
◆ Fast Fuse
◆ Resettable Fuse

If the current is higher than rated current, Porcelain insulator cutouts can drop the circuit to protect the lines and electrical equipment.


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