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Porcelain insulator history

More countries used porcelain insulator. Dated back to one hundred years ago, porcelain insulators are used in telephone lines for supporting and insulating. Porcelain insulator history has long service time.

Porcelain insulator history

Porcelain insulator

Can you know what improve the porcelain electrical insulator developing? List some events about electrical porcelain insulator events.

Year Artifact / Event Source

Beginning of porcelain cleats boom era

Tod 1977:14


One-piece cleat Tod 1977:129
1884 Split-knob Tod 1977:13
1885 Crossover style knob Tod 1977:141
1885 Multipiece cleat Tod 1977:127
1889 Self-tying knob Tod 1977:137
1890 Beginning of knob-and-tube boom era Tod 1977:7
1891 Reversible wire cleat Tod 1977:126
1892 End of use of wood for wiring insulators Tod 1977:12
1892 Two-wire cleats Tod 1977:13
1892 First wall tube Tod 1977:15
1897 Standardization of electrical porcelain Tod 1977:15
1901 Insulating bushing on knobs Tod 1977:156
1902 Reversible split-knob Tod 1977:134
1907 Cleat for corner edges Tod 1977:128
1910 End of porcelain cleats boom era Tod 1977:14
1932 End of knob and tube boom era Tod 1977:9

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