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Porcelain pin insulators specifications

Manufacturing, designing and testing porcelain pin insulators are in accordance of porcelain pin insulators specifications. I list three parts in process of exporting pin insulators.

Porcelain pin insulator

Porcelain pin insulator

Porcelain pin insulator Drawings:
The tender shall be accompanied with the detailed drawings showing the dimensions of the individual insulator, giving all the design dimensions of various component parts. Generally it shall be as per IS.

Porcelain pin insulator or porcelain pin type insulator markings:
◆ Each insulator shall be legibly and indelibly marked to show the following:
a) Name of Purchaser- NESCO
b) Name or trade mark of the manufacturer
c) Year of manufacturer
d) ISI certificate, mark, if any.

◆ Marking on porcelain shall be applied before firing.

Ceramic porcelain pin insulators parking:
All insulators shall be packed in crates or boxes suitable for rough handling. Packing shall be marked with the strength and voltage rating.


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