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Porcelain pin insulators

Porcelain pin insulators are made from porcelain consisting of porcelain units and insulator pin, which is suitable for power plant facilities.

Porcelain pin insulators

Porcelain pin insulators

Porcelain pin insulators have high mechanical strength, shocking resistance and designs requirements for service life at least 30 to 50 years.

Porcelain pin insulators history is traced back to 1850’s. Ceramic insulators had their start when local potteries began making telegraph insulators in the 1850's and 1860's. These crude early pieces were usually threadless and were produced in much lower quantities than their glass counterparts, and few have survived the years. The ceramic insulators of ceramic insulators history include pin insulator, spool insulator, guy strain insulator except porcelain disc suspension insulator.

Porcelain pin insulators can be made by:
◆ Wet process
◆ Dry process

Porcelain pin insulators are usually used on distribution lines with voltage range including 11kV/12kV, 22kV/24kV and 33kV/36kV.


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