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Porcelain spool insulator

Porcelain spool insulator is one of insulator and used in low voltage lines. Porcelain spool insulator is belonging to the low voltage insulator like porcelain shackle insulator and guy strain insulator. So they have some same characteristics.

Porcelain spool insulator

We often called it two ways:
◆ Spool insulator
◆ Reel insulator

For insulator, the standard is very important. It will tell us how to produce the insulator and test it. So, we need to know the standard of porcelain spool insulator :

ANSI C29.3: 53-1, 53-2, 53-3, 54-4, 53-5

The strength of porcelain spool insulator:
ANSI53-1: 8.9kN; ANSI53-2: 13.3kN;  ANSI53-3: 17.8kN
ANSI53-4: 20kN;   ANSI53-5:27kN
1617:9.2kN; 1617-1:10.2kN


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