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Post insulator hardware fittings

Orient post insulator is a high voltage insulator for 40.5LV~500KV outdoor power stations, substations and electrical equipment devices and used with post insulator hard ware fittings.

Post insulator hardware fittings

Characteristic for post insulator:
1. porcelain is homogeneous , free from lamination, cavities thoroughly verified smoothly glazed and type of post insulator is solid core.
2. Cement used in the construction of insulators have high compressive and shearing strength and free from change in volume due to ageing and temperature change.
3. Metal parts for post insulators are hot dip galvanized and uniform zinc coating.
4. The tapped holes suitable for bolts with threads have anti-corrosion protection.

Post insulator hardware fittings:
high strength and freedom form corona formation and high resistance against corrosion.
hardware fittings are good finish and free from flaws and other defects.
hardware fittings materials conform to IS:2486.
All ferrous metal parts are protected by hot dip galvanizing.

Solid-core post insulator may be manufactured according to IEC, ANSI, BS and other standards, with cantilever strength from 4kN to 18kN, welcome to contact us for more details!


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