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Post insulator properties

Post insulator properties, typically provide: MDCL (Maximum Design Cantilever Load) or RCL (Rated Cantilever Load)、SCL (Specified Cantilever Load)、RTL (Rated Tensile Load).

Post insulator properties

Post insulator properties Specified Tensile Load:
Typically the ultimate tensile load of the insulators
Usually the value shown is the load that puts the post in tension (away from the pole)
The compression (in towards the pole) is usually not shown

Post insulator properties, available for both braced and unbraced line post insulators. Combined loading charts take into account the longitudinal loading and the interaction with the cantilever and tensile loading. Most manufacturers only provide the tensile strength of the insulator and not the compressive strength.

Post insulator properties, compression force are negative value、tensile force is positive value、vertical force is typically down and positive value、longitudinal load is positive value.

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