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Renewable Energy and Chilean Mines

For a relatively new and untested renewable energy market, Chile has a remarkable number of strengths. The country has incredibly attractive solar resources, according to Joel Link, vice president of development and global head of mining development for SolarReserve. “The Atacama Desert, in northern Chile, has arguably the world’s strongest solar resource,” he says, noting that this area also happens to be home to the lion’s share of the country’s mining activities.

Renewable Energy

solar resource

For example, we can use the solar for electricity. We can produce more solar power stations for transmission power for customers. Orient Power is pin insulator manufacturer, mainly produces porcelain pin insulator for transmission power lines.

In addition, parts of the country are extremely appealing to wind farm developers. Dominic Duffy, chief operating officer for Mandalay Resources Corp., which runs the Cerro Bayo silver and gold mine in Patagonia, says that in this part of Chile, “the choice is very easy. The wind never stops, and it’s a very strong wind.”

Duffy points out that Chilean mines face a clear challenge: The country is running short on energy. “One of the directions that the country has to go,” he says, “is using renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy. You see more renewable companies coming to agreements with operating mines.”

Large renewable-energy projects for major mining companies, including Pattern’s projects with Antofagasta and SunEdison’s with CAP, are demonstrating that alternative energy can be a very viable option.

Renewable-energy gradually replaces the traditional resource, electrical insulator companies are all reaching new materials replaces the porcelain insulators without pollution.

And renewable energy advocates — perhaps for the first time in history — are now able to boast that solar and wind might be able to deliver cost savings. “Mines are interested in having lower operation and maintenance costs and decreasing the costs related to energy,” says Daniel Rosende, managing director of SMA South America SpA (SMA Solar Technology AG subsidiary in Chile). “As an option, to generate energy with solar today is cheaper in Chile than conventional sources (diesel, gas, coal).”

I hope that we would use the renewable energy for electricity in the future. As a biggest insulator manufacturer, Orient Power produces high quality and competitive price pin insulators with new materials.


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