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Rod Composite Insulator

Rod Composite Insulator for high-voltage lines on the road. Its high mechanical strength stems from a glass of excellent mechanical properties of steel mandrels.

Rod Composite Insulator

Hydrophobic organic composite materials are the main reason for low energy surfaces of composite insulators excellent performance of moisture contamination. In the fog, rain, dew, snow melting, melting ice and other inclement weather conditions, composite insulators separating water droplets formed on the surface rather than a continuous film of water, dirt layer conductance is low. Therefore, the leakage current is small, less prone to strong local arcs, it is difficult to further development of local arcs lead to external insulation flashover.

Organic external insulation excellent stain resistance improves the reliability of power system operation, we do not like, like porcelain and glass insulators in polluted areas cleaned regularly, there was no general suspension porcelain insulator zero value detecting problems and greatly reduce the contamination area Insulators operation and maintenance costs

Rod Composite Insulator equivalent diameter is much smaller than ordinary suspension porcelain insulators and post insulator, which is the important reason for the excellent stain resistance.


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