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Rubber insulator properties

Rubber insulator properties can be shown form many sides, and that is why rubber insulator widely used in all over the world.

Rubber insulator              Rubber insulator

Rubber insulator properties:
Designs for polluted conditions, Reduces weight, high bending strength
Easy to install, excellent pollution performance, Excellent mechanical properties
Cheaper price and lower cost, highly extensible, acid-proof core rod
Reliable triple labyrinth sealing ends
Wider leakage distance with the same spark gap
Higher discharge voltage in highly polluted environments
Overall injection molding
It has good resistance to soiling and flashover.
Leakage current control due to hydrophobicity
It has outstanding resistance to environmental factors such as acids and moisture.

For the outstanding Rubber insulator properties, it was a logical step to use the composite insulator concept with Silicone Rubber housing for station and line applications as well. You can get more information about Rubber insulator properties on Orient Power website.


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