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Silicon pin insulators

Orient Power is an insulator manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of supreme quality silicon pin insulator with high quality and competitive price.

Silicon pin insulators

Silicon pin insulator is one kind of the pin insulators, according to voltage range insulator can be divided into
◆ 10KV silicone rubber pin insulators
11kV composite pin type insulator
◆ 22kV Silicon pin insulators
◆ 33KV composite pin type insulators
◆ 35KV silicone rubber pin insulators
36KV composite pin insulator

The formation of Silicon pin insulator
◆ FRP core
◆ Silicone rubber shed and housing
◆ Hardware fittings

Compared with porcelain pin type insulator, the advantages of silicon pin insulator
◆ Lighter weight, easily to install
◆ Anti-pollution ability and can be used heavy pollution area
◆ FRP core can be made of hot-dip galvanized steel with high tensile strength

Silicon pin insulator used to support, fixed current-carrying conductor, faces and phase between the conductor and the insulation.


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