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Silicon rubber insulator

Silicon rubber insulator is one kind of composite insulators, and consists of core, housing (sheath), weather sheds and end fittings.

Silicon rubber insulator              Silicon rubber insulator

Silicon rubber insulator core:
It shall be a glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod of high strength (FRP rod). Glass fibers and resin shall be optimized in the FRP rod. Glass fibers shall be boron free electrically corrosion resistant (ECR) glass fiber or boron free E-Glass and shall exhibit both high electrical integrity and high resistance to acid corrosion. The matrix of the FRP rod shall be Hydrolysis resistant. The FRP rod shall be manufactured through pultrusion process. The FRP rod shall be void free.

Silicon rubber insulator housing or sheath:
The FRP rod shall be covered by a seamless sheath of a silicone elastomeric compound or silicone alloy compound of a thickness of 3mm minimum.

Silicon rubber insulator weather sheds:
The composite polymer weather sheds made of silicone elastomeric compound or silicon alloy shall be firmly bonded to the sheath, vulcanized to the sheath or molded as part of the sheath and shall be free from imperfections.

Silicon rubber insulator end fittings:
End fittings transmit the mechanical load to the core. They shall be made of spheroidal graphite cast iron, malleable cast iron or forged steel or aluminium alloy. They shall be connected to the rod by means of a controlled compression technique.


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