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Silicone rubber insulator

Silicone rubber insulator market is growing steadily, both long-rod line application and hollow core station insulators.

Silicone rubber insulator

Silicone rubber insulator compounds for high-voltage transmission line insulators are generally high-consistency rubber formulations, there are also need two types filler, silica is the reinforcements that lends physical strength to the polymer, while alumina trihydrate improves arc resistance, the polymer-filler combination is important in formulating silicone compounds for molding silicon rubber insulator.

Silicone rubber insulator has main functions:
The silicone rubber insulator can reduce the need for maintenance in areas of moderate to high contamination. The surface of a silicone elastomer has a unique ability to interact with the contaminant and control leakage current, improved the control of leakage current helps prevent dry band arcing and subsequent flashover.
Silicone rubber insulator has a better hydrophobicity and lower surface energy than most organic polymers. The silicone rubber insulator surface properties of silicone are such that the material recovers it’s hydrophobicity between contamination and corona episodes.

In additional, silicone rubber insulator has other advantages, higher mechanical strength, greater design flexibility, reduced weight and lower breakage rates, all of these make silicone rubber insulator become a ideal products.


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