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Silicone rubber pin insulator manufacturer

Orient Power is a leader silicone rubber pin insulator manufacturer, which can supply all kinds of silicone rubber pin insulators. Silicone rubber pin insulator contains tie top and clamp top insulators.

Silicone rubber pin insulator is also called composite pin insulator or polymer pin type insulator. Composite pin insulator application is installed on high voltage overhead distribution power lines, which is working as insulation and fixing the conductors.
In total said, Composite pin insulator is used in electric power system. Composite pin insulator can be used on electrical towers; we can see them on the both sides of the road. On the telegraph poles composite pin insulator can be seen everywhere.

Silicone rubber pin insulator                composite pin insulator

Silicone rubber pin insulator advantages:
Composite pin insulators can effectively prevent pollution flashover outage and free from cleaning maintenance work with a very small size, they can take the place of porcelain or glass insulators. Composite pin insulators reduce the pole height and economize lots of financial and material resources.

We are a Silicone rubber pin insulators manufacturer and supplier in China. We have the advantage on the two type insulators price. If you want to buy the insulators, you can email or phone us.

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