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Station post insulators

Station post insulators certain electrical and mechanical characteristics are rationalised in order to achieve standardization.

Station post insulators

Insulators for maintenance may not have standard connecting lengths or standard end fittings as specified in this specification. In these cases must be used as a basis for the majority of the requirements, whilst specifying the particular connecting lengths or end fittings for the application in the technical of an enquiry document.

For station post insulators use in substations with nominal system voltages up to 765kV. The insulator ratings have been rationalised for application at the following nominal system voltages: 22kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV 220kV, 275kV, 400kV and 765kV.

Station post insulators, the insulator lengths and end fittings specified are critical and deviation from these outside of the allowable tolerances will result in a tender offer being rejected.

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