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Steel pin

 Steel pin used with insulator apply for high or low voltage suit for all kinds of porcelain insulator which is Hot dip galvanized

Steel pin

The main material of Steel pin is Steel Hot DIP Galvanized, which have a good quality and high strength can meet customers’ requirements.

The steel Pin have a hot dipped galvanized full thread bolt, stud typically require after surface, bolt, many different kinds of surface treatments, a lot of them are usually used black oxidation, phosphating, electro less plating zinc coating processing.

In order to satisfy the requirements of threaded fasteners in use at the same time corrosion and swap dual use performance, formulate special plating standard is very necessary.

Stud of the steel pin also called double thread, Used to connect to the mechanical fixed link function, two head has a threaded stud. Commonly used in mining machinery, bridge, automobile, motorcycle.

For the steel pin there are two kinds of steel pin:
◆ Long spindle, which is used on wooden crossarm and a long spindle can give you rigid installation to the insulator
◆ Short spindle, which is used on iron crossarm, since the iron crossarm have a high strength than wooden crossarm so there is no need to have long spindle.

Steel pin have a lots of advantage:
◆ Steel pin High strength
◆ Steel pin have a strong corrosion resistance
◆ Easy installation


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