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Suzhou porcelain insulator works

Suzhou porcelain insulator works are famous in all over the world, and the insulator has many advantages for the advanced technology and machine.

Suzhou porcelain insulator

Suzhou porcelain insulator works advantages:
Porcelain insulators are the traditional choice for distribution line, busbar and apparatus insulation.
Gray glaze is supplied on all standard strength insulators unless otherwise specified.
They are inherently free from both radio and television interference without any additional treatment.
Porcelain material is divided into different strength levels, and made by medium aluminum porcelain and high aluminum porcelain separately.
Porcelain Medium voltage insulators Manufactured in accordance with the standards: IEC 60433, IEC 60383, IEC 60672, EN 50119, ANSI C29

Suzhou porcelain insulator works are affected decisively by the requirements of our customers and depends strongly on the environmental conditions of their future location.


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