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Toughened glass insulators

Toughened glass insulators are used on the transmission and distribution line, it take a important place of the electrical area.

Toughened glass insulators

Toughened glass insulators have two main functions. First, provide a mechanical support for the conductors; Second, prevent passage of current to ground, the two function must be guarantee by insulator often as long as forty years.

Toughened glass insulator can be manufactured according to many types, IEC, BS, ANSI,
Toughened glass insulators have two connection ways Clevis & Tongue and Sockets & Ball.

There are four different types of toughened glass insulators.
Standard: (IEC 60305 & AMSO C29.2) the toughened glass insulators have a shallow, well-spaced under-ribs, so the leakage distance in excess of standard duty requirements. This design performs well in areas of mild contamination.
Fog-Type profile: The fog-type profile toughened glass insulators have a long distance than the standard profile. It is composed by two or three ribs of greater depth. This type toughened glass insulators can provide an self- cleaning acting which is by wind or rain.
Open Profile: this type don’t have deep under-ribs on this shell type, it can reduce pollutant accumulation on the lower surface, this special design of toughened glass insulators is effective in desert areas if the natural washing by rain is infrequent.
Spherical Profile: The spherical shape have a same leakage distance as standard profile types, but this type insulator is easy to cleaning
External shed profile: this design of toughed glass insulators have a equivalent creeapge distance to anti-fog profile type. It hides the connected point in the ribs, so it can reduce pollution build- up. The cleaning of this type insulator also so easy and efficient.


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