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Transmission hardware fittings

Transmission hardware fittings are one of main insulator fittings connecting electrical insulators and conductors in transmission and distribution systems.

Transmission hardware fittings

Orient Power is one of leading fitting manufacturer in China, produces string fittings and hardware and has supplied throughout the world complete packages of power line hardware for transmission networks for voltages up to 1000kv.

The types of Transmission hardware fittings
◆ Insulator string hardware: suspension clamps, tension clamps
◆ Earth wire string hardware
◆ Product for special application: hardware for high temperature conductor and hardware for extra long span application
◆ Conductor accessories: mid span joint, vibration damper, spacer damper, spiral vibration damper, rigid spacer, air warning sphere, wildlife protection & deterrent and Corona Shield Rings

Transmission hardware fittings also can be made from
◆ Forged steel: providing high mechanical strength
◆ Aluminum alloy: acid and corrosion performance
◆ Stainless steel: good hardness resistance

Transmission hardware fittings also include insulator end fittings, such as disc insulator hardware fittings and flange used in the electrical systems as an main part.


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