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What Is a Pin Insulator?

A pin insulator is a device that is designed to support some type of wire, such as telephone wire, from direct contact with whatever structure is used in the configuration of the wiring.

a pin insulator

porcelain pin insulator

Manufactured since the early years of the 19th century, the pin insulator is still in common use in any area where wires or cables are installed above ground with the use of utility poles made from porcelain, also known as porcelain pin type insulator. The basic function of the insulator is to isolate the cable or wire from whatever structure is supporting the wiring while also helping to ensure the connection with whatever conductor is part of the network is secure.

Over the years, a number of different materials have been used to create pin insulators. Among some of the earliest insulators produced, materials such as porcelain or glass were commonly employed.

During the 20th century, newer designs for the pin insulator called for using different types of plastics or polymers to form the ideal shape necessary to provide the proper connection with a conductor and isolate the wire from direct contact with the support system. Even materials like wood can be used for this process, although wooden insulators typically do not wear as well as the newer plastic and polymer solutions.

Nowadays, polymer pin insulator gradually replaces porcelain or glass insulator.


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