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Which material is made in pin insulator?

Pin insulator is used on high voltage and medium voltage transmission and distribution lines, can be made by molding. Pin insulator materials have many in accordance with different aspects.

pin insulator             pin insulator

porcelain material for pin insulator                           polymer material for pin insulator

Pin insulator made of polymer materials, the material is made in polymer pin insulator having
◆ EPDM: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
◆ EPM: Ethylene Propylene Monomer
◆ HDPE: High Density Polyethylene
◆ PEHD: polyethylene high-density
◆ Silicone rubber
◆ Epoxy

Pin insulator made of porcelain materials, the material is made in porcelain pin type insulator having
◆ C120 porcelain materials
◆ C130 porcelain materials
◆ High aluminum ceramic materials

Pin insulator can be made of glass, plastic and other materials, in polymer pin insulator, the rod core material have
◆ ECR: Electrical Chemical Resistant
◆ FRP: Fiberglass reinforced plastic

According to insulator application and made by different pin insulator manufacturer, pin insulator can be made of different materials.


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