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Ceramic pin insulator,ceramic pin insulator supplier

 As a reputed ceramic pin insulator supplier, Orient Power manufactures both high quality and competitive price ceramic pin insulator for clients.

Ceramic pin insulator:
Ceramic pin insulator is one type of Ceramic insulator. Ceramic pin insulator is also called porcelain pin type insulator, which is composed of porcelain and spindle.
Ceramic pin insulators generally use on the voltage for medium-voltage line. According to the tension strength ceramic pin insulator can be divided into 4KN, 6KN, 8kN, 10KN, 12KN etc.

ceramic pin insulator               ceramic pin type insulator

Ceramic pin insulator properties:
Ceramic pin insulator is need long-term operation of external insulation devices, designs requirements for service life at least 30 to 50 years. Ceramic pin insulator standards have IEC, ANSI, BS and etc. Ceramic pin insulator Colors have grey, red, brown etc.

Ceramic pin insulator r application:
Substance blocks or retards the flow of electrical current or heat. A pin insulators is a poor conductor because it has a high resistance to such flow. Ceramic pin insulators play the role of supporting and connecting wires.

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