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Composite pin insulator manufacturing process

Moulding and Crimping are the main parts of composite pin insulator manufacturing process, and the quality and performance depend on the advanced insulator manufacturing process and workmanship.

Composite pin insulator consists of top end fitting, FRP rod core, silicone housing, interfacial seal, end fitting. There are three main materials for polymer insulator, and they need to be treat first and then moulding during the composite pin insulator manufacturing process.

pin insulator manufacturing process

The Composite pin insulator manufacturing process of Moulding:
Housing is formed by high pressure automatic injection moulding machine which injects silicone rubber in to mould to form the seam less sheathing either by one or multiple shots. Both housing and core are chemically bonded together during the vulcanization process. The strength of the bond is greater than the tearing strength of the silicone rubber itself.

The Composite pin insulator manufacturing process of Crimping:
End fittings are assembled by a pressure controlled multi step crimping process. Modern pressure control technology prevents damaging the fiber glass rod while achieving maximum mechanical strength. The gaps between the fittings are sealed during the molding process to avoid moisture ingress to the fiber glass rod.

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