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Composite pin type insulators manufacturers in China

There are many composite pin type insulators manufacturers in China, and Orient Power is one of them and has been focusing primarily on Silicone Composite pin type insulators for above 36years.

Composite pin type insulators are playing an important part in the electrical transmission and distribution power system. Composite insulator products made by Composite pin type insulators manufacturers in China consist of glassfiber epoxy core rod, silicone rubber shed and metal fittings. The diameter of bottom fitting of composite pin type insulator also called bolt decided by the strength and the length lies on what is the material of cross arm.

Composite pin type insulator             Composite pin type insulators

With 30 years’ knowledge and experience in the design and production of composite insulators using Silicone Rubber technology as well as the corresponding feedback from operational service, Orient Power, the most advanced one of Composite pin type insulators manufacturers in China offers solutions for the complete range of applications: suspension / tension insulators up to 1000 kN, station post insulators, line post insulators and system insulators.

Orient is the one of few Composite pin type insulators manufacturers in China who has developed a system that allows having high bending, traction, torsion and compression loads. Our products are practically used in the network of National Grid, where polymer pin type insulators last more than 10 years.


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