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Polymer pin type insulator

Orient Power is the leader pin insulator manufacturer able to supply the entire product range of pin type insulators in two different covering materials: composite and porcelain, also called polymer pin type insulator and porcelain pin insulator.

Polymer pin type insulator               composite pin type insulator

Polymer pin type insulator properties:
Polymer pin type insulator has excellent resistance to tracking and erosion; improved pollution and hydrophobic properties; also due to pin insulator’s light weight, easy to install; superior flexibility and strength, improved seismic performance, resistance to vandalism and transport damages.

Compared to porcelain pin insulator, the advantages of polymer pin type insulatorss have:
Low failure rate, low overall mounting and exploitation costs; especially short production time, reduced lead time; safe from internal and external over-pressure; flexible design suiting specific needs, such as changes in creepage distance independently from polymer pin type insulator length, and aerodynamic profile; ecologic; compared to the conventional porcelain analogs cost competitive plus providing significantly better exploitation characteristics.

When Polymer pin type insulator is designed and can be customized with the user's requirements, the main technical parameters of various products subject to drawings.


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