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transmission line string hardware

Transmission line string hardware play an important role in transmission and distribution power system. Transmission line string hardware can provide mechanical insulator system between the live conductors and the pole.

transmission line string hardware

Since there many type of transmission line string hardware so it can be classified differently, they can divide into connection fitting , protective fitting and conductor fittings, the pole connection fittings establish the mechanical transition to the extension arm of the pole.

In order to guarantee the best possible operating safety, all the transmission line string hardware will must be dimensioned according to the mechanical and electric requirements of the respective line parameters.

Transmission line string hardware are not only exposed to static loads but also to dynamic loads, such as caused by many kinds of vibration and oscillations or short-term dynamic load peaks due to ice dropping.

Transmission line sting hardware is hard to standardize because different of insulator type, connecting dimensions, loads, conductor type and arrangement. So some of the transmission line sting hardware should be design to meet customers’ needs

The transmission line sting hardware can applied for:
1.High voltage overhead transmission lines.
2.Medium voltage distribution lines
3.Fiber optic lines


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